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Millenball – watch more funny videos

When you’re currently 5-0, and own the NFL’s longest active winning streak at 9 games dating back to last year, it’s a lot easier to look back and laugh at some of your darker days. And I mean really dark. Like, 0-16, drafting three wide receivers in a row with your first overall pick dark.

That’s the kind of luxury Detroit Lions fans are afforded these days, and that’s exactly what they’re doing with this nice little parody of the critically acclaimed, baseball business-focused hit Moneyball.

Here, of course, former Lions General Manager Matt Millen plays the pivotal, Billy Beane-like role in shaping a franchise from the ground up via some rather unorthodox strategies. The results are vastly different, obviously, but, as Millen says at one point, it was still a team that could have changed the game forever (if they could have just won one game with those players back in 2007).

As expected there are a handful of historical inaccuracies. For instance, I think we all know the Lions would have been MUCH better a few years back if Matt Millen was actually relying on EA Sports/Madden for scouting/talent evaluations. There may also be a handful of jokes in here that will only register with Lions fans, but overall it’s pretty damn good.

I give it two Jim Schwartz fist pumps.

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  1. Tom Fink Says:

    Millenball: A Moneyball Parody -> #NFL #Lions From @YieldToFrump #TheBigLead

  2. divck skinner Says:

    @SkylightMcGee @gobears3503 @i_watt_choo_p

  3. Tom Fink Says:

    Millenball: A Moneyball Parody -> #NFL #Lions From @YieldToFrump #TheBigLead

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