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Dan Adler for Congress Knows How to Make a Good Political Ad

May 12, 2011


Dan Adler says minorities should stick together, especially Asians and Jews

Dan Adler -- Possibly your next United States Congressman

We try to avoid serious political discussions around here as much as possible. You know, they’re just not our bag, Frumpsters.

We do, however, occasionally tackle the fun stuff; crazy stuff; and even the very crazy stuff that pops up at even remote locations on the political spectrum. As such, we had no choice but to take notice when Dan Adler — Democrat running for Congress in California’s 36th Congressional District (Los Angeles) — started dropping WTF political ad bombs on the nation.

The one up top — in which the former Disney Executive turned Congressional hopeful takes a somewhat bizarre approach to endearing himself to the minority vote — is probably the most notable at the moment (and for good, WTF reason), but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s necessarily the “best” Adler’s campaign has to offer…


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