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Tar Heel Basketball Stars Paraded as Exhibits at UNC Sorority’s Spring Formal of “Jersey Chasers”

April 1, 2011


Chi Omega Spring Formal has special Tar Heel basketball guests

The newest squad of Chi Omega's Jersey Chasers

Occasionally Frump comes across something that really just makes us smile — while shaking our heads. Take this email (after the jump) from the “Team Chi OMyGod” listserv for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapter of Chi Omega.

Apparently sisters [Reference removed by request], [Reference Removed by Request] and [Reference Removed by Request] — all admitted “Jersey Chasers” — took Tar Heel favorites Kendall Marshall, Harrison Barnes and Long John Henson to Spring Formal.

Pretty dang exciting for the girls of Chi Omega (and their “jock sniffing” dates), eh? Sure, but there were rules, you see. Rules that had to be followed — at least while the cameras were rolling…


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