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Tentative Predictions: Week 2

September 11, 2010

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Frump's Magic EyeTentative Predictions.  They’re kind of like “Fearless” predictions, except we’d never advocate laying real money down — tisk, tisk: gambling is likely illegal in your great State, Frumpster — and we actually provide our readers with some ways to rationalize failure should these picks not come through.

College Football’s opening weekend saw Frump go a disappointing 3-3 ATS. We didn’t blog our picks beforehand — like we are this week — but we tweeted about it quite a bit, so don’t accuse us of making that stellar record up, okay?

Virginia Tech +1.5, Louisiana-Lafayette +29.5, and LSU -9.5 cost us, and keep us at .500 for the season, but this week we’ve got another 6 games that should push us into the green. If not, well, feel free to use one or more of the Cowardly Cop-Outs provided below.

So, if you need some rationale to make some picks yourself this weekend — or just want to make fun of someone else’s, even ours — make the jump for some angles on East Carolina -13, Georgia Tech -12.5, Rutgers -16.5, Georgia-South Carolina Under 46.5, Hawaii-Army Over 51.5, and N.C. State-Central Florida Over 51.5.


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Len Elmore: “What Jon Henson lacks in girth, he makes up for in length”

February 14, 2010


It was a UNC love fest all afternoon during Saturday’s N.C. State-North Carolina match-up, and Elmore made sure nobody questioned the slight appearance of the next honored jersey at UNC…

Elmore made the observation, verbatim, “what John Henson lacks in girth, he makes up for in length.”

Insecure Elmore?

I should hope so Len.

Lengthy John Henson

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