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Football Hooligans Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Hockey Hooligans

December 24, 2010


“Hockey Hooligans” just sounds better, doesn’t it? You know, with the whole alliteration thing? Either way, as this video of hockey fans rioting in Sweden goes to show, sports has a special way of cutting to the core. Even around the holidays.

According to Puck Daddy:

Wednesday’s Elitserien derby between AIK and Djurgarden was delayed for over 20 minutes as fans of the Stockholm-based teams fought security officials, police and each other, and threw smoke bombs inside Globe Arena. Fights also broke out before the game that Djurgarden ended up winning 3-1.

Hot Swedish girls in bikinis drinking orange juice?Yes, even after years of “successful” democratic socialism, mobile technology innovations, beautiful women innovations, ABBA, and, of course, IKEA, it’s nice to know the Swedes are only so far removed from their viking roots.

I just wish some meatballs would’ve been thrown onto the ice, or something, but I’m sure that or a similar trend will work its way over there eventually.

Until then, at least we can be thankful this didn’t happen in Norway, lest the fans started getting naked in the stands. But that’s neither here nor there…

Video via Hockey Webcast

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