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Frump Day Links (On Thursday): UNC Lost Because of the Officiating Edition

February 10, 2011


Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day merchandise

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day from Victoria's Secret...

A relatively long time ago, in a land not particularly far away, Frump would hit the field to “interview” your average, random UNC and Duke fans immediately after the big game.

As chronicled in the latter half of this post, it provided valuable insight into the minds, motivations and demons at the heart of a classic rivalry in one of its most honest and vulnerable moments.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the time or resources for “field work,” but at least we have the blogosphere — where perhaps some of those same aforementioned minds go to express sufficiently similar, honest, heartfelt sentiment about their beloved losers…

  • Seriously, all jokes aside, this is a good read. It’s entertaining, presents a valid argument, and  includes at least one word that the average person will never use in everyday conversation (ever). As far as “Carolina lost because of the refs…” pieces go, that’s more than enough to earn Frump’s seal of approval.Oh, it also touches on topics such as racism, reverse-racism, napalm flamethrowers, and the use of cute little red arrows to highlight things that happen on nearly every other trip down a college basketball court.  Like I said, it’s good… [XTCIAN]
  • While the Tar Heels are figuring out a way to keep from getting beat by the refs, N.C. State would probably be satisfied with a win over Peace College. Perhaps a new coach would help get things back on track. Tubby Smith, anyone? [Backing the Pack]
  • We’re suckers for a good “ball to the face” video here at Frumpzilla. As such, linking you to this one was pretty much obligatory [The Score]
  • You know, maybe I should reconsider the whole “hockey thing.” I mean, it’s basically two sports in one + added comedy, and that’s by all means a positive. More goalie fights, please [Larry Brown Sports]
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin: Good at packing, cheese, football, math, and — most importantly — sticking it to Brett Favre [No Guts, No Glory]
  • Hey, that Super Bowl thing happened earlier this week. Remember? Well, here’s why the NFL “dropped the ball.” [Awful Announcing]
  • Hey, those Super Bowl commercial things happened earlier this week. Rememebr? How about the one where the NFL edited all those “classic” TV clips? Here’s the originals and edited versions side by side [Last Angry Fan]
  • Our friend Dave from Carter-Finely takes a look at N.C. State’s 2011 recruiting class and the value of recruiting rankings [DFCF]
  • If you’re looking for more lovely pictures of the lovely ladies pictured above, head over to… [Sharapova’s Thigh]
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Frump Day Links – 1/26/2011 – Or: Surely the Panthers can find a spot for Jaime Edmondson Edition

January 26, 2011

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Jaime Edmondson showing a bit of bottom boob Seriously, give the girl a chance. Notwithstanding Edmondson’s tangible assets, the perseverance displayed via her remaining a loyal Panther fan after the 2010 season could very well provide the type of intangibles the Panthers are so sorely missing at the moment.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Our first Frump Day link should hammer the point home…

  • Jaime Edmondson: Loves modeling, the NFL, and shopping in the Children’s Clothing section at various fine athletic apparel retailers [Last Angry Fan]
  • This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of Hand Job. [Sportress of Blogitude]
  • Super Bowl tickets are hard to come by, but at least there’s ample parking – for $990 [Sharapova’s Thigh]
  • Herschel Walker – he’s so hot right now. But is it all just a publicity stunt? [The Victory Formation]
  • N.C. State coach Sidney Lowe – not so hot right now. Probably not a publicity stunt [Statefans Nation]
  • Ronaldinho has always had great technical skills, I don’t think we’ve ever seen him score from behind the goal, though [FootballXs]
  • The UConn women’s basketball team isn’t shy about showing off some ball skills of their own [The Score]
  • Good luck at ESPN, Greg McElroy [No Guts, No Glory]
  • The average Steelers fan is groomed from a very young age to become the average Steelers fan [Busted Coverage]
  • Coming full circle, it appears the Jimmy Clausen era may already be over in Carolina [Draft Ace]
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Frump Day Links, 1-12-2011 – Or: Congratulations to the 2011 Tennessee Volunteers Edition

January 12, 2011

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Spreading the love, one fatty at a time.

Little late on the Frump Day links today.  All apologies, but “real” work has kind of been occupying my time as of lately.

  • The Victory Formation has scientifically determined that next year’s BCS Champion will be the Tennessee Volunteers.  Probably a relatively safe bet. [The Victory Formation]
  • 5 technical fouls in a span of 10 seconds? Never! [No Guts, No Glory]
  • Blake Griffin comes to the defense of Lebron James, subtly hints at his inevitable, future departure to the Los Angles Lakers [Sportress of Blogitude]
  • N.C. State suffered a tough loss last night at the hands of Boston College. What does this mean for Sidney Lowe? [StateFans Nation]
  • Bengals fans: Now auctioning off their allegiance on eBay [Last Angry Fan]
  • Reggie Bush finally admits, sort of, that the Texans were right to take Mario Williams [Ball Junkie]
  • West Ham striker Carlton Cole reminds me of one of my favorite Onion Sports Network articles of all time [The Score]
  • Brett isn’t the only source of embarrassment for the Favre family, apparently. [Foul Balls]
  • Brett Michaels is headlining a Steelers playoff party? Really? [Terez Owens]
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CJ Leslie to NC State!

April 28, 2010


Sources indicated to us at Frump earlier today that CJ Leslie committed to the Wolfpack 2 days ago with a press conference coming shortly. Well, it seems we no longer have to wait to give out that information as the internet is all abuzz with Leslie re-committing to Sidney Lowe and the NC State Wolfack!

Great Pickup for the Pack as the (pictured above) freshmen trio of Ryan Harrow, Lorenzo Brown, and CJ Leslie will ignite a Wolfpack fanbase that has been itching to get back to greatness for quite sometime.

CJ committed to NC State over Kentucky and Uconn. He is the #12 player overall according to Scout and the #11 overall according to ESPN. Recruiting may or may not be over now for the Wolfpack as Tashawn Mabry is still uncommitted.

Quote from Leslie: “The biggest factor was NC State is a school that has a chance to be great.  If all of us come in and play with the other guys and we all do our jobs, we have a chance to be great.   We can go far.  I think we can win a lot of games.”

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2000’s: A Wolfpack Decade of “meh”

February 20, 2010


Coach Fowler, on the job

Just a quick look into the records of the ‘big three’ sports at my beloved NCSU since 9/5/2000 reveals a very average group of programs and ZERO ACC Titles under the reign of Coach Fowler …

(caution – ranting and [words] to follow)


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Ted Valentine: “Great block!”

February 11, 2010


The “all seeing eye” of Ted Valentine

(quote courtesy of Mark Thomas and WRAL, picture via the Raleigh News and Observer)

"clean" block on Julius Mays to end the half

Bobby Knight was onto something;

1998 – [Bobby Knight was] fined $10,000 by the Big Ten for berating referee Ted Valentine, whose officiating Knight calls “the greatest travesty” he had seen in his coaching career. Knight receives three technical fouls and is ejected by Valentine during the second half of a loss to Illinois.


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