Between Two Ferns, With Zach Galifianakisberg

Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 9:42 am ET

The Rest

Frumped by

Zach’s back with a two-for-one special — Tila Tequila and Jennifer Aniston. Match made in heaven, right?

You could really cut the tension between Tila and Jennifer with a knife, and Zach’s confession that he changed his name for show business highlights what’s otherwise a relatively pedestrian installment of Between Two Ferns — the most critically important interview series in the past 37 or so years of American journalism.

Oh, the Rhode Island joke was good, too, if not obligatory.

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One Response to “Between Two Ferns, With Zach Galifianakisberg”

  1. Sw0rdf1sh Says:

    “That’s a GREAT STORY!”

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