Favre Will Pay Dearly!

Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 11:47 am ET

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It is being reported that Brett Favre will be fined around $50,000 or possibly less for sending inappropriate pictures of himself(read: his penis) to Jenn Sterger while they both worked for the Jets. I’m not going to argue that Sterger has any journalistic integrity, you’ll see from the picture below she’s taken that away herself. I will, however, argue that it seemed she really wanted the NFL to take a stand on the issue of inappropriate behavior towards females in the workplace. She even refused to take a payoff from Favre and said she’d drop it as long as the league disciplined him.

Unfortunately, w/ Favre making at least $16 million this year, the reported $50k doesn’t really scream “discipline” to me. Let’s take a look at how this will really affect Favre in the ol’ pockets.

With a salary of $16 million, Favre got paid the following:
$73,732 a completion
$44,692 a pass attempt
$6,377 a yard passed
$1,454,545 a TD
$842,105 an interception
$727,272 each sack taken
$2,285,714 a fumble
$1,230,769 a game
$307,692 a quarter
and most importantly, $4,000,00 a win

With his fine of $50K being 0.68 of a completion, .034 of a TD, and .04 of a game…I don’t think the league is doling out the punishment Ms. Sterger envisioned. Then again, she may parlay this into something much much bigger than what she saw in that text, not that it would be that hard(and it wasn’t).

Jenn Sterger Oozing w/ Journalistic Integrity

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  1. Frumpzilla Says:

    Turns out $50K was the number for Favre. What does it mean for his pocket? Justice? http://bit.ly/hKkzTN

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