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January 13, 2012


I’m pretty sure I’ve posted some of Jimmy Fallon’s musical parodies before…I know I’ve tweeted them before. If we were incredibly worried about hits at this website, I’d add those links here in order to trick you into getting stuck on our site for hours. However, clearly we’re not worried about that…and I’m lazy. So I’m just going to post this here now..very quickly. After all, would we really be a website if we didn’t mention Tim Tebow once this NFL season?

Just watch. It’s awesome.

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Favre Will Pay Dearly!

December 29, 2010

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It is being reported that Brett Favre will be fined around $50,000 or possibly less for sending inappropriate pictures of himself(read: his penis) to Jenn Sterger while they both worked for the Jets. I’m not going to argue that Sterger has any journalistic integrity, you’ll see from the picture below she’s taken that away herself. I will, however, argue that it seemed she really wanted the NFL to take a stand on the issue of inappropriate behavior towards females in the workplace. She even refused to take a payoff from Favre and said she’d drop it as long as the league disciplined him.

Unfortunately, w/ Favre making at least $16 million this year, the reported $50k doesn’t really scream “discipline” to me. Let’s take a look at how this will really affect Favre in the ol’ pockets.

With a salary of $16 million, Favre got paid the following:
$73,732 a completion
$44,692 a pass attempt
$6,377 a yard passed
$1,454,545 a TD
$842,105 an interception
$727,272 each sack taken
$2,285,714 a fumble
$1,230,769 a game
$307,692 a quarter
and most importantly, $4,000,00 a win

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Premature Joculation Awareness: The Silver Lining to Hartley’s Miss Against the Falcons

September 27, 2010


Naturally, there’s been a lot of talk about Saints kicker Garrett Hartley missing what would have been a game winning, dome-assisted, 29 yard chip shot against the Falcons yesterday in New Orleans. Just a week after being named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week, it might cost Hartley his job.

There still might be some good that comes out of this, though. Thanks to a lovely gif of Saints owner Tom Benson, some site called Deadspin has tried to raise awareness about a growing problem: Premature Joculation. Now, if the condition were isolated to elderly men, there might not be as much cause for concern. Unfortunately, as you’ll see below, even strapping young men under the age of 40 are not immune (19 second mark).

It’s all in your head, Saints Assistant Defensive Line coach Travis Jones. Next time, just relax, and let things take their course. Oh, and many thanks to Garrett Hartley…

Travis Jones played his college ball (and pretty well) and the University of Georgia back in the early 90’s (tough times for the Dawgs, eh?). After a very brief stint in the pros as a player, he eventually left his coaching mark as a DL coach and recruiting coordinator for some very good LSU Tigers teams. He’s been an NFL coach since 2004.

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Torry Holt takes his Talent(and disfigured finger) to New England

April 20, 2010

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NFL News & Rumors is reporting the New England Patriots will(or have) signed veteran wide receiver Torry Holt. Reports are the contract will be for 1 year at up to $1.7m.  Holt was released earlier this year by the Jacksonville Jaguars after 1 year with the team.  Good to see a guy like Torry postpone his inevitable future as a commentator for one more year in the league with a franchise like the Patriots.

We know the Pats will get a guy with great work ethic and someone who won’t let a finger pointing the wrong way get in the way of playing.

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Super Bowl Prop Betting Your Way To Temporary Social Stardom

February 6, 2010


Kim Kardashian shows off her lovely lady lumpsOr: Drawing attention to yourself, positive or negative, as you desire, at whatever traditional, obligatory junket you may be attending in honor of Super Bowl XLIV.

We all know Super Bowl props are “fun” (don’t we?), but not all Super Bowl props are created equal. After all, who not named “Reggie Bush” can typically get any bang for their buck in relation to the size of Kim Kardashian’s ass?

Well, tomorrow night, the whole world has been given the opportunity to ride Kim Kardashian’s ass to glory.  Gambling glory, that is, and the fun doesn’t end there…


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Frumpzilla’s 1st Annual NFL Playoff Pick ‘Em

January 13, 2010


Bengal rabbit, or "Bungal."  Many thanks to Frumpzilla's geneticists.

In a true clash of the titans, the Frumpzilla staff presents its picks for the playoffs.  The favorite here could be The Chese as he just won a season-long pick ’em; although, I’m sure his partner (Beeker) carried him…..so, nevermind.

Tiebreakers will be decided in the ocatagon…the caged
octagon….with hands dipped in glass.  And steel ladders and chairs.
And Ms. Elizabeth ring-side.

(That pic is for you, Admiral)



B.  Diddy…2-2



Admiral Fleece McStaticpants…0-4


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“Can’t Touch Us”  ummm…Don’t Want To

November 13, 2008

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We all remember the 1985 Chicago Bears and their Grammy nominated(look it up) “hit”, “The Super Bowl Shuffle”.  In fact, you may actually remember the parody on SNL moreso.  If you’re like me, when you first saw the shuffle your thought process would’ve been something along the lines of “Holy crap, those dudes look ridiculous and I would rather be caught holding the lighter in the next Amy Winehouse crack video than look that absurd on film”. 

Well, apparently the other squads in the NFL didn’t take the hint and wanted to leave their truly unforgettable mark on the world of “music videos”.  Here is just a sample of the visual and auditory torture the NFL inflicted on us in the 80’s and the early 90’s.  Watch below at your own risk as the Miami Dolphins perform their hearts out in “Can’t Touch Us”…presented commercial free by Zubaz.  Also, check out a collection of the worst raps perpetrated by the NFL after the jump!



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