North Korean Kids Playing Guitar: Awesomely Cute, Or Just Really, Really F*ck*ng Scary?

Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 7:57 am ET

Kissed With Apocalypse, The Rest

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Amazing North Korean children playing classical guitarSome nations back up their threats with nuclear weapons, or at least the latest in conventional warfare technology. A select few also have the privilege of playing the trade embargo card while seated at the negotiation table.

North Korea — they just show this video of 4, 5 and 6-year olds playing classical guitar pieces in unison. Their nuclear weapons program is merely ancillary to the implications of that threat.

Indeed, regardless of how impressive the skill displayed here may be, Pyongyang managing to get five kids of this age to sit still for 3.5 minutes — let alone play classical guitar — is by far the more monumental, menacing feat.

Just think of what they can do with their adults. Their “little people”? I tell you, the possibilities are as limitless as they are disturbing. That said, let this be yet another warning of what Kim Jong-Il is capable of.

Who knows, this very well could be the theme song of the invasion; blasted from loudspeakers atop DPRK tanks rolling through the city streets of the conquered.  First Seoul, then Tokyo. All the way to Lincoln’s lap in the National Mall — the venue where this classical guitar outfit stages its first “American” performance.

You’ve been warned…

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7 Responses to “North Korean Kids Playing Guitar: Awesomely Cute, Or Just Really, Really F*ck*ng Scary?”

  1. AustinTittyLimits Says:

    Not impressive. Dear leader once played 5 guitars in celebration, at the same time, right after his 8th hole-in-one…through 5 holes.

  2. theresa Says:

    Little kids this age are not supposed to be that good at anything. How much grueling practice were these poor little children required to put in to have that kind of skill? I barely have enough attention span to listen to the whole thing. I also think they look very underfed. Not one ounce of baby fat on any of those sweet little faces. And those are not genuine smiles. Those are forced, rehearsed smiles.

  3. experto Says:

    es editado

  4. Carolina Says:

    My brother played the violin at age 4 with a lot of discipline and he still played and had fun! Plus regarding the smiles, ask any 5 year old to smile for a camera, it will mostly seem fake. I think the world should acknowledge these children for their talent. I bet if they were american like we are then they would be super stars! What a shame!

  5. Gatlin Fernandes Says:

    It’s an impressive display of talent but given that it’s coming out of North Korea, I wonder how much grueling practice those kids must have gone through for this performance.

  6. Jackson Prehold Says:

    No less gruesome than those US pageant shows, but at least the result is beautiful

  7. Marcos Santos Says:

    Can you see a different video of guitar?
    I think you will enjoy


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