Video: UTEP coach Tim Floyd gets ejected, taunted by Pirates, and eventually escorted out by police

Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 11:56 am ET

College Basketball, Kissed With Apocalypse

Frumped by

UTEP coach Tim Floyd ejected, taunted, and police escorted out of Minges ColiseumHow anyone could get this excited about something even remotely related to ECU Pirate basketball is beyond me, but don’t tell UTEP coach Tim Floyd I said that. Seriously, I don’t handle conflict well.

To be fair, Floyd and his Miners had a rough go of it last night in Greenville. UTEP tallied five technical fouls, and Jeff Lebo’s Pirates sank 35 of — a ridiculously high — 45 free throws attempts to seal a 83-76 victory before a capacity crowd of 4,329 at ECU’s Minges Coliseum.

Perhaps the prospect of actually losing to ECU excuses Floyd’s actions here, but I refuse to give a pass to his assistant — also tossed, and just moments after Floyd.

When asked about why he was ejected, Coach Floyd had this to say:

I think it was a coaching box violation,” said Floyd, who had not received a technical foul this season. “I had my big toe out of the box, received a warning, turned my back and walked to the bench and got a technical. I’d never seen him (the official who issued all the technicals) before and I don’t know who he is. I’ve always earned my technicals and I didn’t feel like I earned it.”

God forbid college basketball fans witness Tim Floyd earn a technical this season — an incident that could mark the first use of S.W.A.T team personnel at an NCAA sanctioned event.

Fingers crossed…

H/T to The Big Lead, The El Paso Times, and, of course, The Gingerhead Man

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8 Responses to “Video: UTEP coach Tim Floyd gets ejected, taunted by Pirates, and eventually escorted out by police”

  1. Robert Bolson Says:

    VIDEO: UTEP coach Tim Floyd gets ejected and escorted out by police

  2. k Says:

    Coach Floyd had every right to be upset with the ref. The it is a paid jack of no trades. This is not only happening in college but also in high school and jr.high. The refs need to stop crossing that certin line of taunting the players and staff. Don’t know who but someone is going to come unglued on the refs. Me I’m going to kick back smile and let it happen.

  3. dhoeff58 Says:

    Coach Floyd is an idiot. To behave that way and then to peddle that “I don’t know why I was ejected” garbage is pathetic! Why UTEP would hire a alleged rules violator who left USC in the condition he did is incomprehensible. It appears you got exactly what you paid for.

  4. j gass Says:

    referee’s rule coaches droll

  5. Minneapolis Tanaka Says:

    Long live coach Floyd and assistant
    and I will kicj anybody’s ass who disagrees
    geterass ovea heah NOW!

  6. Fineas T Says:

    Floyd coached in NBA
    he knows what he is doing
    I tired of u assholes

    come oveah heah I keeck ur ass

  7. johnnycat Says:

    I am a HS Ref. I’ve officiated thousands of games. The key is to “put the pin back in the grenade.” Now Floyd is known in circles to “get under your skin” and there are number of coaches that have that talent. But right before the ref T-s him up for 2nd time, he stands and stares at him while administering the free throw…..mistake one…..eye contact and staring no less……..then he back pedals the baseline toward the UTEP bench to continue the conversation…….mistake two……never “escalate” the situation. The ref should have “rotated” with his partner and stood at 1/2 court and let another ref administer the free throw. Granted there may be other circumstances and all 3 refs may have been subject to his ire. There may be a history between the ref and Floyd from previous games, etc.

    Floyd should not have come at him after the T. He should have waved to the crowd and grandstanded in that style. In this day and age, I’ve seen players suddenly body slam a ref to the floor and seriously him. Monica Seles and the knife incident? You NEVER KNOW. But I do agree in principle with video comment. Make your call and “leave it alone”. Let the guy blow his hot air and you have to eject him, leave personality out of it. Just say “2nd T to red bench, you have two minutes to vacate the gym coach of your team will forfeit.” Quote the rule book and that’s it at that point.

    Coaches and the NCAA have a lot of money at stake. That is why they get hot under the collar. Referees are not even employed. They are “contractors” with each conference and get rated by the coaches each season. Believe me, if the ref has a erratic performances, he’ll be refing CYO again soon. I’ve seen it. Refs have day jobs in order to pay for benefits and health insurance, they only ref as a 2nd job. Only NBA refs are salaried… no one knew that, but fans don’t care about the ref until he screws up…..but that’s life in America in 2011. Not complaining, just explaining. I’m a ref, but I know going in what to expect, etc……

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