Yet another epic fight over some pancakes — this one courtesy of the Chicopee, Massachusetts Denny’s…

Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 12:24 pm ET

Kissed With Apocalypse, The Rest

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From the California shores to South Carolina; from Massachusetts to the Subways of…ummm…the Subway franchise, Americans will throw down over some food.

As stated in the headline, this brawl at a Chicopee, Massachusetts Denny’s started over some pancakes. Pancake syrup, to be specific — which, of course, can be likened to crude oil in terms of value to Denny’s patrons.

I’ll let the YouTube video description take it from there:

The fight started when the couple realized that they had no maple syrup for their pancakes. They asked the table over if they could have some of theirs because their pancakes wouldn’t taste the same without the maple syrup and one of the two girls response was “bitch, your pancakes look fine to me!” And from there, all hell broke loose.”

Because that is what really happened…

And, God bless America, happened it did, indeed.

Be sure to stick around until the end — another round of fisticuffs ensues…

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2 Responses to “Yet another epic fight over some pancakes — this one courtesy of the Chicopee, Massachusetts Denny’s…”

  1. Frumpzilla Says:

    Frump Tip: If dining at a Massachusetts Denny's, don't ask your fellow (wo)man to share some syrup…

  2. Lia Says:

    Well, it’s obvious what we need to do next…. Write to your congressman, the president…everybody…. Maple syrup must be banned! In some individuals, oxygen deprivation can be significant risk, leading the destruction of the parts of the brain that contain common sense and intelligence. We must protect the public from this menace!

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