Guy Dupuy sees Blake Griffin’s car, raises him a between-the-legs dunk

Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 9:54 am ET

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And 1 Streetballer Guy Dupuy pulls off a nice between the legs dunk over a car

In case you haven’t noticed, ever since the ban was lifted back in 1976, dunk shots have been all the rage.  Seriously, it’s not just me. They’re kind of a big deal.

Only weeks ago, that Blake Griffin guy dunked over a 2011 Toyota Corolla Kia Optima to win the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest.  A few days ago, Jacob Tucker of D-III Illinois College compiled an impressive dunk shot curriculum vitae in hopes of getting invited to this year’s NCAA Dunk Contest.

Now, And1 Live Streetballer Guy Dupuy has entered the fray — possibly upstaging Mr. Griffin in the process. Check out Dupuy’s beasty, between-the-legs dunk shot over a BMW convertible (after the jump)…

Between-the-legs and over a BMW convertible…I suppose that’s actually two raises

For comparison purposes, here’s Griffin’s again…

I think Guy Dupuy is the clear winner here. Especially considering he didn’t need all the theatrics; apparently did this in Poland; and spared us all from the MC commands of Kenny Smith.

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8 Responses to “Guy Dupuy sees Blake Griffin’s car, raises him a between-the-legs dunk”

  1. Jon Says:

    not to nit pick but the car was a Kia not a Corolla

  2. Ciaran Says:

    Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out. Updated…

  3. miketylerbrown Says:

    Remember when Blake Griffin's car dunk was mad overrated? Here's further proof, via some guy you've never heard of:

  4. Maxine Says:

    I think it’s pretty impressive. I certainly couldn’t do that…

  5. Matt Says:

    Going to be honest – this gives me hope for basketball again! After Michael Jordan retired, I lost a lot of interested in the sport. Seeing stuff like this really makes me want to start watching it again though. :)

  6. Darren Says:

    this is really impressive! makes you think, How the heck did you do that??!! Makes me want to go out and try this, but with a toy car first..:) great post..

  7. Charlie Says:

    Wow, they should make this a sport in it’s own right. Do you also have a sadistic thought, that maybe it would be great to see them trip?

  8. Ruth Collins Says:

    Definitely one of basketball’s greatest stunts and coming from two great “dunkers” at that. Regardless of who did the better slam dunk, it was the audience that won because they have witnessed something that you don’t see everyday.

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