Russell Wilson Granted Release From N.C. State — Can Officially Pursue Football Elsewhere

Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 4:48 pm ET

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Russell Wilson has been released to pursue playing football elsewhere this seasonFollowing up on Frump’s speculation from last week, Russell Wilson has apparently been released by N.C. State to pursue the potential of playing college football elsewhere this season.

According to Austin Johnson of, Wilson had this to say:

“Although I remain undecided on the option of playing college football this coming season, I believe it is in the best interest, of [everyone] to end any speculation of my return. It has become apparent that the time has come for the program to move on without me.

With one more season of college eligibility remaining, I will continue to explore and consider all my options.”

Not an easy pill to swallow for N.C. State fans, but I’m not sure either party (N.C. State’s football program or Russell Wilson) had a viable alternative.

The specifics of why Frump feels this way are highlighted in the post referenced above, but as a quick synopsis:

  1. With a talent like Mike Glennon (a Junior) developing, waiting in the wings (possibly threatening to transfer), Tom O’Brien and the Wolfpack football program couldn’t afford to wait on Wilson’s (a RS-Senior) late return from minor league baseball, and still guarantee him the starting QB position this season. Politics, team chemistry, yadda, yadda, yadda, so O’Brien anoints Glennon as the starter.
  2. Frump’s big assumption in all this: Russell Wilson has a better chance of playing “big league” professional football than he does playing in the big leagues of professional baseball.
  3. Given two, it’s vitally important for Russell Wilson to play college football this year and, most importantly, start at the QB position (for no other reason than to pad his already impressive resume and improve his standing in the eyes of scouts).
  4. While we think Russell Wilson would love to do that at N.C. State, we imagine he also understands Tom O’Brien’s perspective on the situation.
  5. Points 1, 2, 3, and 4 obviously lead to quite a conflict of interests, however benign.
  6. As such, this late in the game, releasing Wilson to pursue other possibilities — and concurrently killing any potential distraction caused by the possibility of his return — makes a lot of sense for both Russell Wilson and N.C. State football.

Again, you can review Frump’s more detailed opinion here…

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  1. Striker Beaver Says:

    I think I heard through the grape vine, that the coaches think Mike Glennon is very fragile, they even expect him to get hurt. The coaches would have Russell in at back up, and then its his offense again.

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