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The Auburn Store: Where Little Crimson Tide Fans Get Put in a Hellish Timeout

September 21, 2010


Given I wasn’t raised in or particularly near a hotbed of professional franchises, I may be a bit biased, but – for me – there’s nothing quite like a great college sports rivalry.

There’s really too many established ones out there to try and list or flippantly single out some over others, and maybe that fact tends to water down their broad media appeal in comparison to, say, the Yankees-Red Sox types within the “American Sports Rivalries Universe.”

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the bitterness and passion of even the most heralded of professional sports rivalries is often matched, if not eclipsed, by their collegiate cousins. In fact, some may even transcend to a level previously thought to be only mythical in nature: Genetics…

#1 Alabama and #17 Auburn – both currently undefeated – square off in this year’s “Iron Bowl” on November 26th, the last game of the season for each. If both happen to remain unbeaten – HIGHLY unlikely – we’d be treated to what could probably be the most epic edition in the series’ history.

Alabama still has games against #10 Arkansas, #9 Florida, #12 South Carolina – in succession – and #15 LSU. Auburn still has #12 South Carolina, #10 Araksnas, #15 LSU and, yet another traditional rival, struggling Georgia prior to facing off against the Crimson Tide. Gotta love SEC football…

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