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Pic of the Day: The Trouble With Audrey

June 8, 2011


English to German dictionaries as racist as ever -- Audrey gets in trouble with her family for dating a black man

As you may or may not have noticed, the Frumpzilla staff tends to take somewhat of a “summer sabbatical” between the months of May and July, and on a somewhat annual basis. The reasons for this are not few in number, but then none of those reasons are important here — we just wanted you to know we haven’t abandoned you (we also know you were worried).

Having said that, expect us to be back at full Frumping force circa August. Oh, and from time to time we may drop in for something like our friend Audrey up there.

Now, as we all know, some things require a bit of context before they can be fully appreciated and/or understood properly. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no context to offer here, other than the fact that this appears to be from a pocket English-German dictionary — possibly one issued by the Association of Southern Baptist Missionaries.

Beyond that, we’re left to mere speculation as to the publisher and/or source of the material, but — whatever the case — I suppose it doesn’t take away from its bizarre, WTF quality (especially in light of the rich, progressive history of ethnic and cultural tolerance found in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany).

Thanks to DBJ for the link, via fuckyeahalbequerque.com (?)

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How often do you watch Racism?

February 22, 2010


Netflix RACISM message after rating Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle So I finally caved to peer pressure and signed up for Netflix yesterday, and, like I am with nearly all new “toys,” once everything was setup, there was a fairly lengthy, obsessive session of exploring its functionality in an effort to maximize the return on my investment.

I was advised that simply rating a whole butt load of movies I’d seen was a good place to start, because this would enable the service to make better suggestions.  Made sense.

So I’m sitting there, rating up a storm under all genres,  and intrigued by how Netflix classifies each type before asking how often I watch that type:  Old School, “College Movies”; Full Metal Jacket, “Military Movies”; Gangs of New York, “Period Pieces”; Rudy, “Movies Based on Real Life”; Once Upon a Time in America, “Gangster Movies,”  etc. etc. etc.  You know, enjoying seeing how all the pieces come together.

Well, at some point I come across Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (which I find quite entertaining under certain circumstances), rate it, and then get the message that you see pictured here…


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