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Seedy Underbelly of Black Market Lawnmower Sales Exposed

November 19, 2010


Stop me if this has already happened to you, but consider this a Frump PSA. Don’t try make an extreme profit off your lawnmower if you have a beard.

Harvey Westmoreland could’ve used this warning last year when he tried to sell a lawnmower to his “friends” for $250 when he paid $20 for it. That’s when things got hairy(yup, I went there). I’ll let you watch the video for yourself as Harvey is a much better storyteller than I, but the gist is when the two fellers thought they were getting robbed, they cut off poor Harvey’s beard and forced him to eat it.

Lexington, Kentucky’s finest in the video after the frump.


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Wayne Ellington Lived the Life at UNC

December 30, 2009


Wayne Ellington

Well, either he did(he did.) or his parents did(they did.)! 

I was sent this link recently.  While I understand it’s a link to http://carolinasucks.com and not http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/ like the design would want you to believe, and the images may be fabricated, the facts behind them do not seem to be fabricated.  The images claim that a $400k abode is the residence of Wayne Ellington Sr., the father of the former UNC bball player(06-09).  I don’t quite have the resources to look up Mr. Ellington’s profession or what he was worth before his son made it to the NBA.  I’m not trying to argue whether or not he could afford such a house while his son was in school(before he made money for bball).  I am wondering why the house was(is) owned by James A. Mason Jr. who was a former Morehead scholar at UNC and is now a prominant businessman in Chapel Hill.  Mason Jr. is a founding member of Parish Capital, who has very stong ties to Keenan-Flagler, UNC’s business school.  They’re even part of the Carolina Venture Fellows program.  I’m sure Roy and UNC did a good job of making sure Mason Jr. himself did not donate to the athletic program, but it’s hard to deny these ties seem to be a conflict of interest. 

Frump it on for pictures and links that lead me to these conclusions.


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