Pregnant teenager narrowly escapes beatdown on Seattle bus — over an iPod

Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 9:59 pm ET

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As you’ve probably deduced from the title, believe it or not, this one doesn’t take place in Russia. And that’s rather unfortunate.

No, this one happened right here in the good ole U-S of A. Seattle, Washington, in fact — where pregnant teenagers can’t count on a safe ride from public transportation services. At least not if they’re listening to their iPod.

Gold iPods: May or may not be the reason behind the Seattle bus fight

If you're wondering if I blame Steve Jobs for this, the answer is "yes."

Oh, and when some random passerby snatches that iPod from you, don’t think politely asking for it back will get you anywhere — or for anyone to lift a hand to help when your assailants object to your request.

Well, there might be one “Good Samaritan” riding the bus that day, I guess. And that guy might exhibit more physical restraint and patience than Job, yet still be effective [Turns out “that guy” was the victim’s boyfriend]. 

Everyone else, however, despite the proximity of it all, will likely take a “not my problem” approach.

And we wonder how the economy got this bad? Where’s Epic Beard Man when you need him?

Update: Video report, including interview with the victim, from a local news station (KOMO 4) can be seen after the jump

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2 Responses to “Pregnant teenager narrowly escapes beatdown on Seattle bus — over an iPod”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    We do, indeed. I’m gonna try to keep following this one. Interested to see what the “gang of girls” has to say about their side of the story. Namely whether the whole “why did you steal my phone?” thing has any legs.

    That was either a cleverly crafted diversion, or maybe they’d at least had a previous encounter with the victim’s boyfriend. Time may or may not tell…

  2. Travis Says:

    Need Beardman on scene! RT: @YieldToFrump Oh, and pregnant, iPod wielding teens are getting beat up on Seattle buses.

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