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Pic of the Day: The Beginner’s Guide to Sex in the Afterlife

March 14, 2011

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The Beginner's Guide to Sex in the After Life -- about as useful as Cooking with Cum

To say I was a tad suspicious of this work upon first impression would be an under statement. I mean, I just knew there was no way any publishing house would provide the financial backing for even the most modest of initial pressings of The Beginner’s Guide to Sex in the Afterlife: An Exploration of the Extraordinary Potential of Sexual Energy.

But then I also made the same mistake about Natural Harvest: A Collection of Semen Based Recipes, didn’t I?  And we all know how that turned out.

Sure enough, you can buy David Staume’s, Llewellyn Publications-published guide to sex in the afterlife right over at Amazon, and for just $10.40. $8.76 on Kindle.

There’s probably a “good” Patrick Swayze joke in here somewhere, but I’ll leave that to you. Possible chapter titles are welcomed, too…


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Redneck Ferris Wheel leaves us with so many unanswered questions…

May 14, 2010

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In today’s Kissed with Apocalypse story, Frump brings you this video of a self proclaimed “Redneck Ferris Wheel.” The title alone hooks you, doesn’t it? We’re not really sure what prompted this, or why someone would be inspired to archive video footage of it — at least in this context — but we’re absolutely certain it deserves a big ole “WTF?”.

Let’s see: Pants off; sitting on the toilet; kid in a laundry basket; mom, presumably, on camera duty…I mean, there’s just so much going on here. I’m perhaps most perplexed by the fact that the Ferris wheel operator seems to be sitting on the toilet while the seat it up. Who the hell does that? Utterly fascinating…

Thanks to Dbj for the tip…

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David Morales Colon: A Real Life Ghost Rider

April 28, 2010


Morales Colon: Ghost RiderI’m guessing David Morales Colon loved to ride. In fact, I’m guessing he loved to ride so much that, even if he were shot to death in Puerto Rico — say, about a week ago — he’d want to keep riding all the way through his wake.

Why, you ask? Well, because that’s Mr. Colon you see to your left.  Riding, embalmed, at his wake.  He was shot to death in Puerto Rico on April 22nd, 2010.

Yes, that’s David on his Honda CBR600F4i with full Repsol colors.  I have no idea what that means — those numbers and the color thing, I mean — but apparently it was a family gift, and one that was obviously very important to Mr. Colon.

David apparently will maintain his death grip on the handlebars of that glorious piece of machinery until later today, when the Marin Funeral Home will place Mr. Colon’s body into the same dirt he surely enjoyed burning out while with us.  The circle of life, as they say.

Of course, I’m wondering why they don’t simply bury the bike with him.  As he sits now, surely they could just roll him, lower him, etc., into a vault or something, yeah? 

But then I guess that’s an undertaking I’m really not all that qualified to comment on.  Either way, we honor Mr. Colon’s passion a bit more after the jump (more pics and a video)…


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Man survives three-week erection, may regret living to tell about it…

March 4, 2010


Just one of the many practical inconveniences posed by PriapismIt’s true. A 55 year-old man saved himself, and his penis (to a degree), finally seeking emergency medical treatment after managing to go three straight weeks on the up and up.   In light of the many practical inconveniences posed by Priapism, how he was able to pull off this stiff task remains unclear.

Adding insult to injury, this was an unavoidable, all-natural arousal, too. Our hapless victim hadn’t even taken any “enhancement” drugs. Rather, his condition was triggered by some rare “nervous disorder.” Seriously.

To make matters worse, and in a stroke of truly bitter sweet irony, despite emergency surgery saving him and his member, this little episode has rendered the poor bastard impotent. So now, though apparently having the mojo to keep it up for a fortnight or more, he’ll have to pop a little blue pill or two if he wants some action. What a world, what a world…

Source: Metro.  Dbj with the link

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This guy wants to referee your child’s wrestling match

February 23, 2010



(another contribution from the sick and twisted minds of the Wolfweb)

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Sin is filthy, and so is Pastor Tony Schultz

February 21, 2010


That is all (and thanks to dbj).

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Why Can’t I Have a Bulletproof Suit, Too? Perhaps I Can…

January 23, 2009

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Barack taking the oath of office; Michelle getting really turned on

So I’m sure you’ve all heard the reports about President Obama wearing bullet proof clothing during the inaugural ceremonies on Tuesday.  Yeah, it’s true.

See that strapping overcoat up there?  Bulletproof.

Shirt?  Bulletproof.  Tie?  Bulletproof.

That Q-Ray Bracelet thing on his right wrist?  Bulletproof, and it’s all thanks to one Miguel Caballero, a Colombian designer that specializes in such attire.

Naturally, upon learning about this garb, I immediately thought “okay, where can I get some?”  I mean, every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed, bulletproof man, right?

Just look at how freakin’ turned on Michelle is in that picture.  What guy couldn’t use more of that in their life?

Sadly, after I reexamined the prospect of donning bulletproof threads, I realized that my all too zealous imagination may have gotten the best of me.

How am I going to pull off bulletproof clothing?  How could I justify it?  Sure, I probably could afford it, but I’m just not that important.  After all, Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers — I’m sure these are the ilk of folk that keep Miguel Caballero in business.

Well, I decided to research this, just to be sure, and I was right — except for one glaring loophole.  A loophole that may just allow the common, independently wealthy, everyday man, such as myself, rock some bulletproof fashion, too…


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