These guys are why everyone hates the Lakers

Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 5:31 pm ET

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Exhibit A: He wears sunglasses indoors (and likely at night), keeps the top 4 buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, is rocking the black leather jacket in 70+ degree weather, combs his hair straight back (with product), flashes the “#1” sign and wears a huge, obnoxious LA Lakers gold rope necklace of which he prominently displays like Soulja Boi.  He “knows people,” drives a leased luxury car, dates 19-year-old aspiring actresses (because he “knows” people), talks loudly on his cell phone in elevators and has a tiny penis.  He does not attend games when the Lakers are bad.

Exhibit B: The ultimate fair-weather fan.  Is rocking a Yankee hat, headphones for his own music (as he cannot be bothered by the noises of the game) and is texting his mom.  He does not pay attention and doesnt really care about the outcome except when it comes to talking junk amongst his friends, saying “his” Lakers won.

Exhibit C : Two wannabe hard crackers flashing gang signs to the camera, then moving on to use the GO LAKERS thunderstick as a perverted prop on national TV.

Stay classey LA!

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No Responses to “These guys are why everyone hates the Lakers”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Brilliant observation.

  2. Mike Says:

    Haha great article

  3. Carroll Hightower Says:

    Lakers fans remind us all of why they're the Yankees of the NBA…


    So let’s all hate the LAKERS because of one guy?

    If you’re looking for a reason to “hate” you never have to look too far.


  5. Ciaran Says:

    Thanks for reading, SEAYALAKER.

    Technically, it’s four guys. So, yeah, I’m not sure if that changes your argument, but we appreciate the feedback.

  6. Chris Garcia Says:

    How are you going to judge the LAkers, let alone the real loyal fans, on “rich” dudes attending the game only because it’s the playoffs… BS article, makes me mad… GO LAKERS by the way.. 2-Peat on the way…

  7. B Diddy Says:

    Question is, which ed hardy shirt do you wear to game 1 next series? I’d go with the sweet one with a huge sparkly lion on the back. It makes your eyes pop.


    Every once in awhile our great nation elects a clown as a President and even some of our great nation have citizens that do unspeakable acts towards one another. But do we “Hate” the United States because of few a bad apples? “Hate” is such a strong term to use, and even seems as though it should not be applicable or used when talking about something so trivial and trite as sports. So having said that, I hate the celtics!


    Ciaran Says:
    19. April 2010 at 2:31 pm
    Thanks for reading, SEAYALAKER.

    Technically, it’s four guys. So, yeah, I’m not sure if that changes your argument, but we appreciate the feedback.

    Claran, your welcome, and I guess now that makes it five.

  10. Cochese Says:

    of course the word “hate” is used ambiguously and in jest. I dont “hate” the Lakers or the Yankees, but I hate the bandwagon that is firmly attached to franchises like this. genuine fans are not the issue…its the guys who show up for the wins and disappear for the losses. our neighbors in Chapel Hill have a similar situation.

  11. MAGICO Says:

    L.A.KERS FANS always REPRESENT THEIR team, WIN or LOSE…We come out STRONGER During the PLAYOFFS

  12. SEAYALAKER Says:

    Last year 2009 when the celtics were being killed & the game over with still 6 minutes to go and eliminated from the the playoffs, the announcers mentioned how all the fans were booing and now heading for the exits. Did the so-called great celtic fans stick around and give their team a standing ovation and applaud them team for the previous year championship brought to them? No they did not, the bandwagon spoiled fans of Boston were booing the team! You can’t say that bandwagoner’s are exclusive only to the LAKERS. And for every 1 obnoxious LAKER fan you point out, I could easily find 8 to 10 from Boston or New York as equally as obnoxious or more so. But it just so happens that a lot of the obnoxious LAKERS bandwagoning fans are privileged enough to purchase the “Camera seats” (On the floor section) and can regarded or seen as fan representation. So let me ask you, when you see the greasy “fat” on a beautiful prime rib steak don’t you cut around it?…or do you also chew on and say yuck?

  13. SEAYALAKER Says:

    Oh I almost forgot, GO LAKERS 2010! The YEAR THEY DID IT AGAIN!

  14. Pete Says:

    Pretty dumb observation, you see these types of fans in every NBA games… just another idiot trying to pick on LA. LA is classy your observation and dumb article isn’t.

  15. Cochese Says:

    Thanks Petey! We <3 U!


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