If only this were Greg Paulus, all would be right with the world

Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 11:45 pm ET

College Basketball, Not Safe For Work

Frumped by

Of course, I suppose Greg has taken some similar spills, or perhaps flops, himself, though I’m almost certain none of his had anything to do with butter on the court…

***Potentially NSFW due to some foul language (assuming you have audio)***

Okay, I know Duke got knocked out today, and basically got manhandled by the Mountaineers in the 2nd half, so I guess this is piling on a bit.  I usually frown upon such behavior, but then I certainly don’t mind making an exception for Greg Paulus (who wouldn’t?).

I think I snapped when CBS showed, for the 4th or 5th time, the clip of Paulus’ smirk after he hit that deep three from the elbow early in the 1st half. It was either then or when I saw Greg chatting up one of the officials as if he’d asked Paulus for an autograph.  “Yeah, Ed, holla at me after the game.”  To be fair, I obviously have no idea what they were talking about.  I’m sure it was something legitimate, it’s just Paulus’ general demeanor, and apparent lack of genuine respect for anyone around him.  He’s easily the easiest Duke player to hate since Laettner stomped on that kid from Kentucky back in ’92 or whatever.

Which brings me to this:

Paulus a closet Cobra Kai fan?Sweep the leg Johnny...

It’s an inescapable comparison really.  They even look a bit alike.  Eerie.  The only question is who’s the bigger ass, and, to be perfectly honest, I’m torn.  I wouldn’t wager on that one, but I’d be comfortable putting a few down on Johnny in the Octagon.  Get him a body bag!

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One Response to “If only this were Greg Paulus, all would be right with the world”

  1. Jrock Says:

    Johnny is arguably one of the biggest a-holes in all of cinema.

    Someone put some butter on the logos in the RBC Center. All those floor logos are unnecessary. Put one next to the score and keep it moving.

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