Magic attempt 32 three pointers in Monday’s 104-90 win over Cavs…

Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 7:42 pm ET


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That’s 5 more “Three Point Attempts” than J.J. Redick has “Games Played” this season. 

Redick has played in 27 games this season: This pic may or may not be from one of them

First, let me just apologize in advance for the above picture.  It’s obviously not from last night’s Magic game against the Cavs.  You can find J.J. Redick filed, yet again, under the “DNP – Coaches Decision” in that box score.  It’s just hard to find pics of J.J. Redick actually playing basketball in an Orlando Magic uniform, so I hope you’ll understand.

But yeah, the Magic were bombing ’em on Monday night: 14 of 32 from downtown for a 43.8% clip.   They only shot  39.5% from the field, to give that a bit of perspective, but of course our Halo pwning poet pal, J.J., could only watch from the bench.  I wish I could stop at the 32 to 27, three point attempts to games played ratio, but that wouldn’t serve this sweet, sweet irony justice.  Let’s dig deeper:

1.  The Magic attempted more 3 point shots last night than J.J. Redick has rebounds and assists on the season — combined;  2.  The Magic made more 3 point shots last night than J.J. Redick has rebounds (13) and assists on the season (10); and 3. The Magic, and this one hurts, attempted more 3 point shots last night than J.J. Redick has attempted free throws this season.  I mean, if that’s not a dagger in J.J.’s heart, then J.J. Redick simply has no heart.  To make matters worse, J.J. is only 22 of 28 from the stripe.  That’s roughly 78%, people.  Can you say “rock bottom”?

I know people that become physcially ill when seeing pics like this...

As a disclaimer, despite how all this looks, let me just say that I’m not a Redick hater.  I’m really not.  In fact, while some of my cohorts (one in particular) would probably have left Redick passed out, face down in a Durham ditch during a flash flood (he really would have too…), I rather enjoyed watching J.J.’s success at Duke.  That said, I’ll be the first to admit I was probably wrong about his NBA prospects.

Now I never said Reddick would be a perennial All-Star, or something bat-shit crazy like that, but I did maintain, vehemently, that he would be a solid contributor at the NBA level.  As of right now, even that prediction is looking like it may fall the way of Decca Records’ 1962 rejection of The Beatles:  “guitar groups are on the way out.”  Yeah, bat-shit crazy.

J.J.’s got time though I suppose.  Time to prove me right.  Even the coach that apparently can’t stand to look down his bench and not see Redick’s snow white face staring back at him agrees. “He’s a hell of a player. . .People say, ‘Well, this is a lottery pick.’ Well, there’s a lot of lottery picks sitting on the bench. Jermaine O’Neal sat for six years, you know? And then became an All-Star.” 

Well, Coach Van Gundy, Jermaine O’Neal didn’t spend 4 of those 6 years playing under Coach K at Duke now did he, which of course was probably a good thing for O’Neal’s pro prospects.  Nevertheless, assuming Van Gundy is the soothsayer he claims to be, I guess we should expect Redick to be at All-Star Weekend circa 2012.  I just hope he’s still in the league by then.

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4 Responses to “Magic attempt 32 three pointers in Monday’s 104-90 win over Cavs…”

  1. Dook Hater Says:

    Please tell me how 1 Final 4 appearance in 4 years constitues “success at duke?”  If I’m not mistaken, his other 3 years they were gifted a #1 seed, only to be exposed in the Sweet 16.  Sure he made more 3’s than anyone in ACC history – when shooting from the same distance as collegiate women.  He may have reached some personal goals, but his teams sucked.

  2. NBA Scout Says:

    I project he will be the new Mateen Cleaves. Not a bad gig. I’ll take cash for court side seats. For a slacker, it’s a dream job.

    The Magic are killing this guy’s career. We’ll never find out if he can at least be a reliable spot up shooter. This is a good lesson for the offensively minded kids in the NCAA. Offense might get you drafted but defense will get you PT.

  3. Redick Hater Says:

    One of my personal fave moments from the “greatest scorer in ACC history”

  4. BigAlatUNC Says:

    At least my boy still looks fine. Check out those guns! Hang in there JJ, I’ll be here for you.

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