Today’s Elite Eight Slate: Sorry, Davidson is the 2nd game

Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 2:00 pm ET

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Wrapping up the Elite Eight this afternoon, and Frumpzilla has its fingers crossed for a North Carolina-Davidson rematch in the Final Four.  You never know…

Miracle worker?Showtime or end of the line?

(1) Memphis vs (2) Texas, 2:20 ET

Line:  Memphis -3.5

Augustin’s majestic free throw airball aside (in the closing seconds, no less, the other night), I like the Longhorns here.  Was that a beautiful example of pressure, or what?  Anyway, I like Texas for several reasons.  The game is in Houston, TEXAS!  No elaboration needed.  Winning Elite Eight games and beyond absolutely requires solid guard play, and UT has a serious dose of AA.  Abrams and Augustin.  They both can handle,  shoot it from range, and have tons of big game experience.  

Memphis, while completely embarrassing the Spartans, just hasn’t been tested.  They have incredible athletes but zero pure shooters.  When the nerves surface, the jumpers rim out.  Ask Duke. Anyway, I could be  dead wrong because  the Tigers are most  athletic  team I’ve seen  since the Runnin’ Rebs of the early 90’s.

(10) Stephen Cury vs (1) Kansas, 5:05 ET

Line: Kansas -9.5

At this point, if someone told me Stephen Curry could heal the terminally ill, I probably wouldn’t question it.  This kid is the balls.  He’s also the Truth, the Deal, the Question, and the Answer to said Question, period. Makes me feel like I’m the age that he looks, like I can’t wait to buy his rookie card or something.  Unfortunately for Davidson, it may actually take a miracle worker to get past Kansas today. 

Unlike Wisconsin, the Jayhawks have got athletes at every position, and enough shooters to weather the storm if Curry and the rest of the Wildcats drop a series of bombs to go up by double digits at some point in the game.  Chalmers is gonna get intimate with Curry today, so to speak, and, though I hate to say it, it’s possible Kansas could run away with this one.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Of course, Davidson obviously has something magical going on right now, and has caputred the nation’s heart in the process.  The ever powerfull Mo is definitely on their side.  Notwithstanding that, we all know about Bill Self’s developing repuation as a choke artist, so we’re not saying to write Davidson off entirely.  Just don’t get your hopes up…

By the way, will Stephen Curry’s total points plus assits eclipse 29.5?  Hmmm…


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