Ben Folds’ Ode to Merton(aka Chatroulette Piano Improv Dude)

Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 10:48 am ET

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I’m assuming everyone’s heard about Chatroulette by now.  If not, imagine using your own webcam to talk to 14 yr old girls and penises from all over the world!  Tempting no?  Some people have also used it to achieve Youtube fame, which is probably on par with reality show fame and slightly above streaker at sporting event fame these days.  I saw this video of Merton(not Ben Folds) a couple weeks ago and I admit I was slightly amused(but over 4 million views?! Really?!).

Saturday night in Charlotte, NC Ben Folds made his own Merton Chatroulette video and I have to say he out Mertoned Merton.  I’m going to the show in Raleigh on Thursday w/ the NC symphony and I’m expecting to be entertained thoroughly…chatroulette or no chatroulette! (original Merton vid after the frump if you haven’t seen it)

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2 Responses to “Ben Folds’ Ode to Merton(aka Chatroulette Piano Improv Dude)”

  1. mookie Says:

    Well done, Ben Folds Five, well done. Amazing how much the internet overlaps with “the real world” these days…

  2. Bronce McClain Says: RT @brookswood: I wish ben folds would pop up on my chat roulette. Have you seen this hilariousness???

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