Britney and Heidi Duet

Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 2:18 pm ET

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Britney and Heidi Duet

Just when you thought Britney couldn’t sink any lower…

Yes, it’s true. There is actually a duet with America’s favorite train wreak and celebrity z-lister Heidi Montag, of MTV’s The Hills.  Check this sh1t out.  For the very few of you unfortunate souls who were subjected to the torture of Heidi’s first single, Higher, you may actually be impressed by Heidi’s breathy lyrics and especially by the fact that she can sing like that without hyperventilating… But what was Britney thinking?!  One must assume that Britney’s spiralling descent into madness (and professional obscurity) has finally hit rock bottom.

Fortunately, Brit’s mental state may not have completely disintegrated quite to that point, not yet at least.  According to Perez Hilton, Britney had no idea that Heidi and her evil-half, fiance Spencer Pratt, were making the unauthorized duet!

“Heidi and Spencer got their hands on an old demo recording of Britney’s that never made it onto any of her albums,” an insider reveals exclusively to “They’ve been working with a lot of producers on Heidi’s new album and one of them gave them the track.  They decided to turn it into a duet instead of having Heidi re-record the song with just her vocals because they knew they’d get more press that way.”

Now come on. Notwithstanding the loathsomeness of stealing someone else’s “art”, I think we all know what kind of emotional state Britney is in. It would take little more than a stiff breeze to push her over the edge (and off the ledge) at this point, and I don’t know about you but Britney’s suicide is really going to bum me out.  Heidi and Spencer have truly taken their lust for publicity to a murderous level. Who needs fake terrorists with imaginary WMDs when we have Spencer Pratt to attack the hearts and minds of every single true American Patriot.

I really don’t think it can be said enough, Leave Britney Alone!


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4 Responses to “Britney and Heidi Duet”

  1. Heidi M. Says:

    Check out my new boobs ya’ll!

  2. Heidi M. Says:

    Damn ya’ll, I ain’t feelin’ this interweb… Holla!

  3. Chan Hailes Says:

    Check this video out – Britney Spears – Overprotected from @youtube

  4. Gabriela Laredo Says:

    I love you Britney.. you’re the best…! Love your song “If you seek amy”and “Amnesia”…. I’m your number one fan.. britney just keep up the great work! Love you!

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