Freaky Sexy World Records

Frumped by

Jonah Falcon, proud record holder

Another gem found on the WolfWeb is this blog “the frisky” listing the 13 Freakishly Sexy World Records

Records include “worlds strongest vagina”, “worlds biggest orgy” and most orgasms in one sitting

Frump it for some tasty tidbits to amaze your friends and try to beat yourself!

1.  World’s Strongest Vagina – Russian Tatiata Kozhevnikova, age 42 can bench 31 pounds with her lady parts

Part of Kanye's workout plan?

2.  World’s Longest Tongue – German Annika Irmler at 2.7 inches

3.  World’s Biggest Dong – Brit Jonah Falcon at 13.5 inches – In a weird twist of irony, Jonah lives at home with his mom and is…get this…an out of work actor.



4.  World’s Biggest Orgy – Japanese won this with 500 people

5.  Most Orgasms in one sitting – Man – 31 times (how is this possible without aid of some kind of drug?)

Woman – 222 times

6.  Biggest Fake Boobs – American (yay!) “Maxi Mounds”  61-MMM cup

Maxi Mounds

Maxi Mounds

7.  Biggest Real Boobs – American (yay?) Norma Stitz 73.5-WWW cup

Norma Stitz

8.  Longest Pubic Hair – South African Manoi Vi sports a 28 inch bush

huge bush

9.  Furthest Ejaculation – Man – 18 feet

Woman – 10.3 feet

10.  Skipping this one.  You will thank me.

11.  Longest Legs – Russian Svetlana Pankratova 4 feet 4 inches (played bball for VCU)

12.  Smallest Waist – Brit Grandma Cathie Jung trained her waist down from 26 inches to 15 inches

Cathie Chug

13.  Also skipping this one.  It is not that gross, just silly and a serious blog like this one cant be bothered with such nonsense

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  1. dbj Says:

    13 and half inches? jesus he could easily…i mean he could…it wouldnt be hard…oh jeez. nevermind.

  2. assho Says:

    god damn that comment got me…got me real good.

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