Say Cheese!  Or Just Open Your Eyes, Please.

Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 8:11 pm ET


Frumped by

Adam Jones

As George Costanza so eloquently stated:…”I’m back, baby!”  Sorry about the absence, loyal frumpsters.  I was……..blow-drying my hair.

I stumbled upon this photo about a week or so ago.  Or maybe I saw it after this guy went yardworks on the Bo Sox.  I don’t remember.  What I do remember is thinking how the person responsible for this photo needs to be fired.  Shortly thereafter, I saw the East Coast Bias and Yardbarker commentaries on said photo.  Well, I’m weighing in, too. 

WTF!  LMAO!  ROFLMAO!  Sorry about that.  Is this one of those situations like the DMV where you are stuck with the finished product?  Do the Orioles have a person snapping picture after picture, barely paying attention to their craft?  Does he/she not provide a countdown?  I’m pretty sure this person could flip you the bird, in the picture, and there’s no remedy.  Bam!  On  Front and center for the world to see–your player photo.  I mean, how pissed are his family members?  Way to go, Orioles player photo screwer-upper.  You just pissed off the grandparents. 

By the way, the Donk Spotter demands the countdown.  Every time.

Donk Spotter

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2 Responses to “Say Cheese!  Or Just Open Your Eyes, Please.”

  1. Jrock Says:

    The photographer was either a hypnotist or a bear. Probably a bear, you don’t make eye contact with the fuzzies.

  2. Jonaikel Says:

    I really enjyoed the show on 6th October in Bradford. Yes, Mark chased a small boy but there were lots of gags, stories and crudeness, all applied in equal measure, and they were just as funny.I have not seen Mark live before but I’ll look forwrad to his next show.And he can touch type at the speed of thought! Incredible!

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