James Brown’s body may have harbored even more soul than previously thought

Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 2:13 pm ET

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James Brown's newest single: I feel dead?LaRhonda Pettit, the Godfather of Soul’s illegitimate daughter, presumably broke out in a cold sweat over the news that her father’s body has apparently gotten up off that crypt that was housing his body in South Carolina and is now, thusly, out of sight.

It’s true, James Brown’s body is missing, and, given the controversy regarding the circumstances surrounding his death, I’ve got the feeling  that this could turn out to be a super bad situation.

Upon Brown’s passing back in 2006, initial reports suggested it was the drugs, alcohol and painkillers the hardest working man in show business was doing to death that brought about his demise at the tender age of 73.

Ms. Pettit, however, believed there was foul play, but her requests for an autopsy have been repeatedly denied.  In light of this, LaRhonda now thinks her father’s body is being hidden to ensure a full post-mortem examination is never performed, sparing any alleged perpetrators the big payback that would surely await them once discovered.

Of course, strange things happen, and there’s certainly a chance, however slim, that Brown may be back up on the good foot, living in America, and making it funky in ways never thought possible.

In that case, who knows? Perhaps Brown will be delivering the payback himself.  Either way, this bizarre story is sure to leave many feeling bewildered.

Source: The Daily Mail (The Admiral with the link and shoop)

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5 Responses to “James Brown’s body may have harbored even more soul than previously thought”

  1. dick towel Says:

    RT @YieldToFrump: James Brown's body may have harbored even more soul than previously thought… http://bit.ly/a9fucr

  2. Carroll Hightower Says:

    RT @YieldToFrump: How many references to James Brown songs can I seamlessly weave into 3 paragraphs about his missing body? http://bit.ly/dCTrXF

  3. erin elizabeth Says:

    the MOST amazing part of this story is that almost everywhere this is being reported, the only people quoted as sources are the lovely LaRhonda and the lawyer who represents his other kids (who claim she is lying). like, can’t someone get to the bottom of this? and why is the ny post admitting to ripping off TMZ.com for this third-hand info? the news here is not that the body is actually missing, but just that LaRhonda says it is.
    stay tuned tomorrow when LaRhonda tells us about that time she had the clap!

  4. Ciaran Says:

    Agreed. I just found out today, 48 hours after publishing, that ole LaRhonda may have fabricated the whole thing. 12 “seamless,” distinct references to James Brown songs, squeezed into 3 paragraphs, down the drain (of the hot tub?).

  5. dbj Says:

    i think your picture is a shoop. i can tell from the pixels and from having seen a lot of shoops in my day.

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