Julius Peppers steals $91.5 million from the Bears

Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 1:47 am ET

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good riddance

No question Pep is a physical freak.  Too bad he has the heart of Bonzi Wells.

Don’t let a 10 sack/year average fool you.  The Panthers have been extremely average (9-7) over his career and Pep has been able to collect more garbage stats as a result that anyone in recent memory.  6 of his 10.5 sacks last year came against Tampa Bay, Washington and Buffalo.  Don’t forget the brilliant ’07 campaign, in which he barely sacked opposing QB’s more than me (2.5).  Any dude who is 6-7, 290 and runs like a RB should DOMINATE (see Mario Williams).  Not jog around aimlessly for half the plays he is on the field.

What I remember is the non-existence in the run game.  The lack of leadership in the locker room.  The general ‘not giving a shit’ attitude that seemed to permeate from him on the sidelines.

Now this team unquestionably belongs to Jon Beason (thank God).  If the Cats play with half of his determination, they will be fine moving forward.  Without Delhomme giving the ball up every other drive with a confused look on his face and without Pep jogging to the ball every play, maybe now I can finally pull whole-heartedly for the home town team.  Finally.


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