QB throws 70 yards in the air, on the run, as a High School Sophomore…

Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 4:12 pm ET

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Meet Nick Marshall.  He’s currently a Junior at Wilcox County High School, a small school tucked away in middle Georgia.  He’s the QB on the football team that just won the State Championship.  He possesses what Peyton Manning might describe as a “laser, rocket arm,” or something to that effect.  He also plays basketball, and currently claims an offer from Florida State.  Just recently he reportedly received his first offers as a 2011 QB from Georgia and Mississippi State.  He’s that guy, and I think a lot more people are about to take notice over the next year or so.

Nearly all the currently available video of this kid requires premium membership to either Scout or Rivals (both highly recommended), but, as you can see, I was lucky enough to come across the video posted below on some site called YouTube.  That clip is actually taken from a game during Marshall’s Sophomore season, which makes it all the more ridiculous.  I mean, that’s a 15 or 16 year-old kid launching a football 70 yards in the air, on the run, while eluding defenders.  Evolution?  More evidence of just how far sports science has come?  Who cares…

If a 30 second YouTube video simply eats too much into your plans, fast forward to the 14 second mark for the start of the insanity in question.

This kid has what Peyton Manning might term a "laser, rocket arm."

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3 Responses to “QB throws 70 yards in the air, on the run, as a High School Sophomore…”

  1. The GingerHead Man Says:

    I’ll just go out on a limb here.  This guy will not be going to Mississippi State.

  2. Ciaran Says:

    I think that’s a fairly sturdy limb…

  3. QUA Says:

    Georgia all the way

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