UNC to wear all gay – I mean all gray

Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 6:40 pm ET

College Basketball, Kissed With Apocalypse, Social Commentary

Frumped by

UNC to wear all gray

Just for one night….in college….they are just a little curious..

(thanks to Buster Sports)

Here is Roy Williams taking a page right out of Butch Davis’ book.  I guess he cant stand that color either.

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3 Responses to “UNC to wear all gay – I mean all gray”

  1. GLBT World News Says:

    UNC to wear all gay – I mean all gray | Frumpzilla: Sports … http://bit.ly/doyXDB

  2. Nick Says:

    Must be tough, ya’ll faggots couldn’t beat this sorry squad once this year

  3. Cochese Says:


    although, we could play again in the ACC tourney.

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