AC Transit Beatdown YouTuber, Iyanna, Speaks Out

Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 5:33 pm ET

Kissed With Apocalypse, Social Commentary

Frumped by

Glad we jumped on this story yesterday well before a lot of the big boys did (today). Now if we could just parlay it into even just a little taste of the massive amounts of traffic they’re surely receiving, we may be able to cover Frump’s overhead for the next month, maybe more.

With that in mind, yes, we’re bringing you even more from the AC Transit Bus Beatdown saga. Below you’ll find the lovely lady that apparently filmed the shocking, yet all too common (in every sense of the word), video(s) that’s sweeping the nation.

Now, as Iyanna notes, let’s not shoot the messenger, right? After all, as she further notes, fighting in public is wrong. Violence is wrong. Which is why I’m assuming her yelling out “beat that white man’s ass” while filming was simply a subtle attempt at irony, or something.

Fingers still crossed on a Amber Lamps confessional popping up on YouTube sometime soon…

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2 Responses to “AC Transit Beatdown YouTuber, Iyanna, Speaks Out”

  1. dbj Says:

    her studded belt intrigues me.

  2. Rex Baumgartner Says:

    We all know that the older fella (pinky, as I think you called him) is 67, but how did you know the “african american” gentleman was 50?

    And the bag, you brought it to the seat to hold for the authorities, yet exit the bus leaving it behind.


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