5 Reasons You Should be Watching the Winter Olympics

Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 3:45 am ET

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I’ve heard a lot of talk and I’ve seen a lot of chatter(ahem, twitter) about the winter Olympics being too boring.  I’ve heard they’re not as fun as the summer, so therefore not worthy of being watched.  I have actually found the opposite to be true.  I’ve found myself watching these winter Olympics just as much, if not more than the summer games.  True, the summer Olympics being in China and that crazy time zone really hurt my viewership(I really hate watching tape delayed sports).  Also true, with the winter games being in Vancouver and the western time zone I can watch more with events being spread out over NBC, USA, and CNBC.  But that’s not all of it.

I find these games to be quite fun to watch.  Every time I turn it on, I find an appealing story to go along with the athletes competing.  I feel the athletes more or less represent the amateur spirit of what an olympic competitor should be.  Sure hockey has it’s fair share of NHL athletes just as basketball had in the NBA, difference is the NBA sucks and the NHL does not, so there.  I wasn’t looking forward to these games, but now that they’re here, I’m hooked.

However, if you’re not hooked, keep reading as I give you 5 reasons you should be.

1.)The Ladies

Sure, ladies on a beach or by the pool are great, but there’s something about women all bundled up ready for winter.  Here is just a small sample of the rosy cheeks Vancouver has to offer.

Julia Mancuso & Lindsey Vonn - U.S. Alpine Skiers

Maelle Ricker- Canada Snowboardcross

Gretchen Bleiler- U.S. Snowboarder

Tanith Belbin- U.S. Ice Dancing

Chemmy Alcott- British Alpine Skier

Noelle Pikus-Pace - U.S. Skeleton


Man, what can I say about curling?  Besides being one of the higher trending topics of this years games, it has once again won over my heart.  It seems every 4 years around this time I find myself searching for a curling club near me.  It seems like the perfect drinking sport for the winter.  Combining aspects of shuffleboard and bocce ball, I feel what is most appealing to me is that I truly feel I could do it.  Of course, I’m not saying I could be “Olympic caliber” but I think if I practiced a bit I could maybe make a team somewhere.  It also seems like a sport where anyone could play together.  Man, woman…old, young….I bet it doesn’t matter!

3.)The Yardsales

As far as skiing is concerned it has definitely felt like the VONNcouver games as Lindsey Vonn competes for Olympic gold. Today she finally got her gold, however many of the other women skiers were not so lucky.  The conditions on the mountain were much warmer earlier than they are now, which means one horribly awesome thing, ice.  The mountain these folks are skiing on seems like one huge, bumpy, sheet of ice.  Their misery is of course our delight as I witnessed 5 fantasticly unnerving wipeouts.  During the Olympics, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on any related media thanks to NBC(and that bastard Jeff Zucker!!) but here’s what I have to share:

Sweden's Anja Paerson

Sweden's Anja Paerson

Switzerland's Dominique Gisin

Switzerland's Dominique Gisin

Italy's Daniela Merighetti

Romania’s Edith Miklos’ Crash from Frumpzilla on Vimeo.

4.)The Ladies of Curling

You didn’t think I’d leave out the women that inhabit the curling sheet this time of year did ya?  They deserve their own reason to watch.  I probably notice them more because as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been watching a lot of curling.  Nicole Joraanstad stands out as the U.S. “hottie” of the curling world.  Hotties and curling….who would’ve thought?

Nicole Joraanstad - U.S.

Melanie Robillard- Germany

Eve Muirhead- Great Britain

Madeleine Dupont- Denmark

Anna Sidorova- Russia

5.)The Stories

A Spammer gets taken down a notch

Bilodeau kisses his gold as Begg-Smith looks on

If you watched the first days of the winter games, you definitely saw this story.  Dale Begg-Smith is a Vancouver born mogul skier.  He’s also a mogul of a different type.  He is the owner of a $40 million dollar company known for creating those annoying pop-up ads we all hate so much.  Not only that, but he spurned Canada to go and compete and work in Australia.  He was also representing Australia in the Olympic games where he was the favorite to win the gold.

In a story only the Olympics could create, his bid for gold was stopped just short by, of all countries, Canada.  Canada won it’s first ever gold medal on it’s home soil when Alexandre Bilodeau defeated Begg-Smith in the mogul’s freestyle event. Bilodeau has a great story as his career has been inspired by his older brother who suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot do the things most of us take for granted.  Stories like these are the true reason you should watch.

Of course, I’m sure more reasons will pop up, so do yourself a favor and watch now instead of missing out later.

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